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Last Updated: August 17th, 1999

Sorry about the change here, but unfortunately my server did not take too kindly to some of the pictures used on the hidden pictures page. As such, for the time being the HP Site will be taken off line.

I'm sure all regular visitors will be pleased to learn that I have now completed my exams, and am happy to say that I aced each and every one! Therefore I will be dedicating myself to the development of this site for the next few weeks, so enjoy.

Obviously this will involve a great deal of repairing, as I have now lost a great many pictures innate to this site. Nevertheless, I will endevour to bring new and exciting pictures to the site, and a new look Gallery!

Enjoy this site, and if you have any comments please feel free to e-mail me at


PS. If there are any pictures on this site you find offensive please e-mail YSS, as unless we know of the problem we are unable to rectify it.

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Boyzone Star Staphen Gately Announces he is Gay! (There is a God!)

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