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To view the YSS Galleries, click on the thumbnail of the star you would like to see shirtless! If the thumbnail does not have a link then the gallery is not yet up and running.

On this page you will find a list of all the stars featured on this site, a thumbnail picture of them, some brief information and a list of links telling you where to find them on the net.

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YSS    Stars

Adam Rickitt

D.O.B. May 29th, 1978; Adam Rickitt is the latest heart-throb to join the cast of English soap opera Coronation Street, though it has already been announced that he will shortly be leaving the show. Fans around the world will weep! Shirtless rating - in Coronation Street Adam has had a few shirtless scenes, but he used to be a model, and the majority of his photos on the net are shirtless! 9/10.

All About Adam

Adam Rickitt at Star Galaxy

Adam Rickitt Webring - Central Page

Andrew Keegan

D.O.B. January 29th, 1979; Andrew Keegan has appeared in a number of programmes, including Baywatch, Party of Five and Seventh Heaven. Shirtless Rating - some pics on the net. 3/10

The Unofficial Andrew Keegan Page

Andrew Keegan, A Biography

Andrew Keegan at Star Galaxy

Ashton Kutcher

There is very little information about Ashton on the net, but what I do know is that he is a former cK model and now stars in 'That 70's Show'. Shirtless Rating - For a former model he sure is shy about getting his kit off - only recently in That 70's Show has he appeared shirtless, and there are few pics of him shirtless out of it! 4/10

That 70's Page

Ashton Kutcher 101

Ashton Kutcher at Star Galaxy

Backstreet Boys

Well, what can you say about BSB - they’re cute, they can sing, and they’ve made it onto the YSS site! Shirtless Rating - They may be cute, but they certainly aren’t modest - they seem to spend most of their time with their shirts off! 7/10

Alison’s Backstreet Boys Wonderland

BSB Central

BSB at Star Galaxy

Beiron Andersson

I have very little information about this superstud, except that he is a supermodel, and comes from Sweden. Shirtless Rating - From what I‘ve seen of him he seems to be photographed shirtless (or wearing very little) more often than fully clothed - and with a body like that why hide it anyway! Still, there are very few pages featuring him on the net. 9/10

Beiron Andersson at the Sexy Men Directory

Ben Freeman

Ben Freeman rose to fame in the long running English childrens programme Grange Hill, and has now moved to long running English soap 'Emmerdale'. Shirtless Rating - I have never seen him shirtless on television, and only know of a couple of shirtless pics of him. 2/10

Ben Freeman at the Emmerdale Site

Ben Freman at Star Galaxy

Ben Gould

D.O.B. October 25th, 1980; Ben in the hunky star of 'Saved By The Bell', playing the delicious step-brother of Richard Lee Jackson, another star on this site.

TNBC Bios: Ben Gould

Ben Gould at Star Galaxy


Boyzone are the hottest band ever to come out of Ireland, achieving a phenomenal success with hits from 'Words' to 'A Different Beat'. More importantly, they are so hot if they went to the Arctic the polar ice-caps would melt! Shirtless Rating - Early on there seemed to be a reluctance to shed their shirts, but now there are plenty of pictures of them on the net. 9/10

Boyzone's Official Site

Remy's Boyzone Page!

Boyzone Fanzone

Ismails Boyzone Page

Kerrie's Boyzone Page

Go to Corinne's Boyzone Page!

Boyzone Galaxy

Boyzone at Star Galaxy

Brad Renfro

D.O.B. July 25th 1982; There is very little that needs saying about Brad Renfro. He hs appeared in two of my favourite films (Sleepers and Telling Lies in America). Brad recently lost a lot of fans after being arrested for drugs - come on! If we loved him for his morals he'd be President! We love him for his looks. Shirtless Rating - One thing I will say about Brad - he can hardly keep his shirt on! There must be more shirtless photographs of him on the net than any other young star. It's only a matter of time before he appears nude! 10/10

Brad Renfro

The Brad Renfro Web Site

Terra's Brad Renfro Homepage

The Unofficial Brad Renfro Page

Madeline's Brad Renfro Webpage

Brad Renfro at Star Galaxy

Chad Allen

D.O.B. June 5th, 1974; Despite appearing in a list of films as long as my arm, and having a loyal and loving following, Chad is still not as famous as you would expect. Fortunately, this does not mean that films in which he has appeared are difficult to locate – ‘Murder in New Hampshire’, for example, has been shown in the UK at least half-a-dozen times in the last five years in the UK. His career recently his a few problems after pictures of him kissing another man surfaced, suggesting he is either gay or bi. Of course, we at YSS have no problem with this – except for maybe a little envy at that guy he snogged! Shirtless Rating - Since his teenage years Chad seems to have become reluctant to shed his clothes, though there have been a few moments I have been happy to show on this site. 5/10

Unofficial Chad Allen Page

The Chad Allen Home Page

Chad Allen at Star Galaxy

Chris Masterson

D.O.B. January 21, 1980; Contact Address - The Savage Agency, 6212 Banner Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038, USA; There is very little information about Chris on the net, but what I can tell you is that he is the brother of Danny Masterson, from 'That '70's Show', and has starred in films such as Dragonheart II and Ecce Pirate. And, of course, that he is gorgeous. Shirtless Rating - There are very few shirtless pictures of Chris on the net, but I have put all that I could find on his site. 3/10

The Chris Masterson Unofficial Page

Chris Masterson at Star Galaxy

Corey Haim

D.O.B. December 23rd, 1971; I first noticed Corey when I saw him in ‘The Lost Boys’. Since then I have seen almost every film he appears in, from ‘Licence To Drive’ to ‘The Watchers’. Shirtless Rating – at the height of his fame Corey seemed reluctant to shed his shirt. Thankfully, as his fame waned his shirt, and the rest of his clothes, began to vanish! This culminated in the nude scene in ‘Blown Away’ (not the blockbuster film with Jeff Bridges, but a lesser known – and actually quite poor – film of the same name). Since then he has also posed shirtless for numerous pictures, and hopefully in the near future these will all be added to the site! 7/10

Crazy 4 Corey

Corey Haim at Star Galaxy

Dan Corsi

Dan Corsi at YAS

Dan Corsi at Star Galaxy

Daniel MacPherson

Daniel is the latest hunk to arrive in hit Australian show Neighbours. I haven’t seen him in anything else, but hopefully that will change in the future. Sadly there is very little about Daniel on the internet, but I am sure as he becomes more and more famous that too will change! Shirtless Rating – Daniel seems more than willing to shed his shirt on ‘Neighbours’, but sadly the producers of the show have taken little advantages of this. However, recently on ‘Neighbours’ the main stars, Dan Paris, Jesse Spencer and Daniel, performed a Full Monty style strip for charity. 7/10

Daniel and Leo

Daniel MacPherson at Star Galaxy

David Beckham

David Beckham has been on our screens for several years now as a footballer for Manchester United. Despite completely fucking up the World Cup chances for the UK, Beckham is still a major hunk, and will always feature heavily on this site. Oh, and by the way, congratulations on recently becoming a father Becks! And congratulations on looking thoroughly gorgeous outside the hospital. Shirtless Rating – In an interview with Sky Magazine Becks announced that he was shy, and was reluctant to take off his shirt. However, on a number of occasions he has contradicted this statement, and has stripped off on the pitch, as well as on holiday (see his page for the pics!) Still, not enough pics for YSS. 6/10

David Beckham - Manchester United

David Boreanaz

David shot to fame playing the part of ‘Angel’ on ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ (why the fuck did they write him out!) the gorgeous Vampire-with-a-soul. Shirtless Rating - Though he has appeared shirtless on occasions, there is still not enough flesh for my tastes. 5/10

Dean O'Gorman

I was fortunate enough to seen Dean in ‘Shortland Street’ from his very first episode – and I can tell you he was as gorgeous then as he is now! Sadly, to my recollection, he only appeared shirtless twice in his entire time on the show, but that was enough for me – it was love at first site. Dean is now famous for his part as Iolaus in ‘Young Hercules’, a part which has called for him to remove his shirt on occasion, though not often enough for my liking. Sadly, news has reached me that Fox are planning to drop the show – for Gods sake see sense – at least put the show on UK terrestrial TV – I guarantee a strong following (Xena started on Channel Five a few months ago, and is a great success!) Oh well, at least if the show is dropped Dean has established himself in the US now, and will therefore surely appear in films and shows for years to come! – Shirtless Rating – In ‘Shortland Street’, just two scenes, and in ‘Young Hercules’, just a handful. So what about magazine shots? Well, Dean is notoriously eecretive, and some say shy, and so he has given relatively few interviews (even his date of birth is not definitely known) and no shirtless photographs to my knowledge. 2/10

Devon Sawa

D.O.B. September 7th, 1978; Devon Sawa is an up and coming star who has appeared in auch films as Casper, Wild America and the newly released Idle Hands. I'm not saying he's not talented, but with his looks alone I'm sure we're going to see much more of him! E-mail

The Devon Sawa Fan Club

Devon Sawa

Devon Sawa Unleashed

The Totally Sawa-Some Devon Sawa Page

Devon Sawa at Star Galaxy

Edward Furlong

D.O.B. August 2nd, 1977; Edward Furlong is another favourite of the YSS team! He first graced our screens in Terminator 2, and since then has gone on to make a series of disastrous films, including Brainscan and American Heart (though the latter was compensated by a rare shirtless scene). Thankfully, he has now returned with some better films, including recent releases American History X and Pecker. Hopefully we will be seeing a lot more of him in the future. Shirtless Rating – torturously rare scenes, and only one known shirtless photograph. 1/10

Edward Furlong Online

Edward Furlong at Star Galaxy

Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor leapt to fame in the internationally renowned film ‘Trainspotting’, as a heroine addict. A bizarre role for a star to reach fame in, but perhaps his uncompromising nude scenes in the film, as well as in ‘The Pillow Book’, helped in his rise to fame and fortune. Though in his films he has difficulty keeping his clothes on, there are surprisingly few shirtless pictures on the net (plenty of nude pictures, but my server won’t allow me to show you them). Shirtless Rating – plenty of flesh, but none that can be shown at YSS! 4/10

Ewan McGregor at Star Galaxy


5ive first struck fame in the UK after appearing on a programme called ‘Neighbours at War’, a documentary about neighbours who are unable to settle their disputes. And, you guessed it, their neighbours were complaining about their practice times. Never mind boys, now you’re in the charts, and can practice to your hearts content. Their music may be nothing new, but it certainly is refreshing to look at them. Shirtless Rating – a few poses, but unlike many other boy bands they seem reluctant to give more sex appeal than a few smiles. 2/10

5ive at Star Galaxy

Guy Pearce

Guy Pearce joined hit soap opera ‘Neighbours’ soon after it started, and left dozens of us gasping in awe. What a body! Of course, now he’s a famous film star, so do we get to see any more of it? Of course we do, a memorable nude scene in ‘Flynn’ answered that. A body truly made in heaven. Shirtless Rating – numerous scenes from back in the good old days of neighbours, but fewer and fewer now it seems. 3/10


D.O.B. (Isaac) November 17th, 1980, (Taylor) March 14th, 1983, (Zac) October 22nd, 1985; E-Mail; Hanson have had a surprising amount of success for a group of brothers with squeaky voices who look like girls. Never mind, they’re cute anyway. Shirtless Rating – a few appearances in pictures taken at a swimming pool, and rumours of a strip-tease by Tay at a concert, but I’ve yet to see the proof. 2/10

Hanson at Star Galaxy

Heath Ledger

D.O.B. April 4th, 1979; I first notice Heath when he played a gay cyclist in Sweat. Since then he has onto many new projects, but I still feel Sweat was his best - mainly because he had his shirt off for most of every episode! Shirtless rating - in Sweat, most of the time. There are a few good pics on the net. 6/10

Heath Ledger Estrogen Brigade

Heath Ledger Shrine

Heath Ledger

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