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Jack Ryder

D.O.B. September 21st, 1981; It was once said, probably by some self-righteous prick, that you can’t improve on perfection. Well, Jack Ryder is the embodiment of that saying. He is perfect. Shirtless Rating – Jack’s only been around for a short time, like Paul Nicholls before him he has shot to fame fairly quickly, and also like him he has shot to fame in EastEnders. We got a taster of what lies underneath his shirt in an early episode, but nothing for a while. If only they had a swimming pool in Albert Square! 1/10

James Van Der Beek

D.O.B. March 8th, 1977; James has been acting for a while now, but has only really leapt to fame for his part in Dawson’s Creek as the title character. I don’t know whether its his stunning looks or amazing talent that have drawn me to him, but whatever it is, I can’t get enough! Shirtless Rating – James has appeared shirtless on two occasions I know of – first in the film ‘Angus’ and secondly in a long awaited skinny-dipping scene in Dawson’s Creek. 3/10

Jansen Spencer

D.O.B. May 5th, 1981; Despite information to the contrary, Jansen is in no way related to Jesse Spencer, though I have to say the chances of two of the most gorgeous men on television appearing in the same show, and not only sharing the same initials but also the same surname has to be astronomical. Shirtless Rating – various biographies have told me that Jansen used to be a model – hopefully his career heralded more shirtless scenes than his appearance in neighbours has – how can anyone with a body that perfect keep it covered! 4/10

Jared Leto

D.O.B. December 26th, 1971; Jared leapt to fame after starring as Jordan in ‘My So Called Life’, the desperately gorgeous and mysterious hunk who somehow managed to go the entire series without shedding a layer of clothing. Happily he has more than made up for it since. Shirtless Rating – numerous scenes in ‘Prefontaine’ and ‘Switchback’, nothing in ‘Urban Legend’, but he looked so damned cute in it that I thought it deserved a mention. There are plenty more pictures of Jared posing shirtless than appearing shirtless in films, though who can forget the scenes in ‘Last of the High Kings’? If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to get it out on video now! 8/10

Jason James Richter

Jason London

There is very little I can say about Jason London, except that he is perhaps the most gorgeous man on Earth! I am totally in love with him. Shirtless Rating - As the site shows (with a little over 20 pics) Jason is far from shy, having shed his shirt in almost every film he has been in. 7/10

Jeremy London

Jeremy is just as gorgeous as his brother, but sadly seems to be a little more shy - he has only shed his shirt in 'The Babysitter'. Shirtless Rating - a pleasant rarity. 4/10

Jerry O'Connell

Jesse Spencer

D.O.B. February 12th, 1979;

Joaquin Phoenix

Joe Schiebelhut

D.O.B. December 4th, 1981;

Jonathan Brandis

D.O.B. April 13th, 1976;

Jordan Brower

D.O.B. October 14th, 1981;

Josh Hartnett

D.O.B. July 21st, 1978;

Justin Timberlake

D.O.B. January 31st, 1981;

Justin Whalen

D.O.B. September 6th, 1974;

Kerr Smith

D.O.B. March 9th, 1972; Kerr is one of the new characters on Dawson's Creek, and is currently threatening to take the 'hunk of the show' title away from James Van Der Beek. Kerr can be found at the following web sites:

The Unofficial Kerr Smith Website

Kerr Smith at Star Galaxy

Kevin Zegers

D.O.B. September 19th, 1984; Kevin Zegers is a promising young star from films such as 'Shadow Builder', 'Air Bud' and 'A Call To Remember'. There are few shirtless pictures of him on the net, but here are some good sites where you can learn more about him:

Jody's Kevin Zegers Site

The Official Kevin Zegers Site

Kevin Zegers at Star Galaxy

Leonardo DiCaprio

D.O.B. November 11th, 1974; Leo without a doubt is a living legend. He is most famous for his roles in Blockbuster films such as 'Romeo + Juliet' and 'Titanic, but I feel the best films to see Leo in are 'The Basketball Diaries' or 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape?', and we can't go without mentioning 'Total Eclipse'. You can e-Mail Leo at or For more information please view the following sites:

The Official Leonardo Dicaprio Homepage!

The Completely Unofficial Leonardo DiCaprio Homepage!

Leonardo DiCaprio at Star Galaxy

Mackenzie Astin

D.O.B. May 12th, 1973; Mackenzie Astin is undoubtedly one of my favourite stars on this site. What can I say, he's hot! Pity he's had so few shirtless scenes in films. The majority come from the film 'Widows Kiss', in which he also had a brief nude scene! Anyway, if you'd like to learn more about Mackenzie, here are a few web pages you might like to look at!

The Mackenzie Astin Fan Page

Mackenzie Frenzy

Mackenzie Astin at Star Galaxy

Mark Philippoussis

Martin Henderson

Matthew Lawrence

D.O.B. February 11th, 1980; I first noticed Matt when he appeared in Boy Meets World, and fell in love with him immediately. He has since gone on to star in the sitcom Brotherly Love, and to appear in several films, including the unforgetable 'Strike' in which he spends more than half of his scenes in his underwear! Shirtless Rating - Apart from the numerous scenes in 'Strike' and a couple of scenes in earlier films (pre-teen) Matt has seemed reluctant to shed his shirt. Hopefully, since the release of Strike, that will change! 1/10

Michael Owen

Morgan Weisser

Nate Richert

Nate Richert is the hunky co-star in hit TV series 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch'. Shirtless Rating - I have never seen Nate Richert shirtless on the television, but thanks to a generous visitor I have now got a few pictures. Still, shirtless images are a rarity! 1/10

Nate Richert at Star Galaxy

Nicholas Brendan

Nick Carter

D.O.B. January 28th, 1980


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