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Paul Fox

There is depressingly little information about Paul Fox on the internet, though his character, Will Cairns, in Emmerdale has certainly had a few dramas - the main one bein his kidnapping! Shirtless Rating - the very first episode of Emmerdale I saw was purely accidental, I was channel hopping and happened to see this gorgeous guy shirtless speaking to someone on the phone. It was love at first site. Sadly, Paul hasn't continued with shirtless scenes, and this is the only one I know of. 1/10

Emmerdale Web Site

Paul Nicholls

Paul is a major league hunk, having leapt to fame in the UK playing schizophrenic Joe Wicks in EastEnders. Since then he has gone on to a number of roles, including City Central, a UK police show in which his character was murdered in the first episode of the second series, and The Passion, which featured a total of two nude scenes for the star. I watched it and thought I was in heaven! Shirtless Rating - in EastEnders, only two scenes, and both times he was foaming at the mouth! In City Central only one scene, the opening scene of the series! In The Passion he spent most of the time either naked, or in a tiny loin cloth! As for poses, he certainly doesn't seem shy - I'm spoilt for choice in the pictures I use on his page! Thankfully, in a recent interview he stated that he wasn't embarassed by his body, and would be willing to do more shirtless and nude scenes in the future! 8/10

Prince William

There are very few members of the British Royal family who I would call attractive, but Prince William is one of them! Thankfully he inherited his mothers genes, and is perhaps one of the most attractive young men in the UK today. Shirtless Rating - as a member of the Royal Family he at least has to pretend to be dignified, and therefore there are only a handful of pictures taken while he was on holiday. 3/10

Richard Lee Jackson

D.O.B. May 29th, 1979;

Rider Strong

D.O.B. December 11th, 1979; E-Mail; What is there to say about Rider Strong that hasn't already been said. He is cute, sexy, and keeps his clothes on way too much! Shirtless Rating - a few poses, including a notorious shower scene in Boy Meets World. 5/10

River Phoenix

D.O.B. August 23rd, 1970; Died October 31st, 1993; One of the greatest actors of our time who died on Halloween Night in 1993. He appeared in films such as 'Stand By Me', 'My Own Private Idaho' and 'Mosquito Coast'. The following fan pages for River Phoenix are recommended by YSS:

The River Phoenix Pages

Rio's Attic

The River Phoenix Page at Star Galaxy

Rodney Rowland

Ryan Gosling

D.O.B. November 12th, 1980; I am totally and utterly in love with Ryan Gosling. He is one of those people who, when I first saw him, I wondered what all the fuss is about, but Ryan tends to grow on you, and now I am totally smitten! Shirtless Rating - a few pictures from his stint on Breaker High, and a couple of scenes in Young Hercules, but to my knowledge he has never posed shirtless, and has only appeared shirtless in these two programes. 2/10

Seth Green

Shane McDermott

D.O.B. April 24th, 1976;

Stephen Dorff

Tam Williams

Tim Henman

Tommy Haas

Wil Wheaton

D.O.B. July 29th, 1972;

Wil Wheaton at Star Galaxy

Kenny's Wil Wheaton Page

Zachery Ty Bryan

D.O.B. October 9th, 1981; Contact Address - Zach Ty Bryan, 4444 Lankershim Blvd #207, N. Hollywood, CA 91602, USA; Zachery rose to fame for his part in the hit show 'Home Improvement', and though not as popular as co-star Jonathan Taylor Thomas, he certainly has a large following. Shirtless Rating - shirtless images are few and far between, but there are a few good ones on the net, or, to be more precise, on this page! 4/10

The Zachery Ty Bryan Pages

Zachery Ty Bryan at Star Galaxy

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